Protest draconian NASCAR regulations



It is unbelievable that NASCAR's leadership and rulemakers are so stupid that they can't understand why there are so many empty seats at all races, and TV viewers have declined for every race. Their once-loyal fans are leaving in droves, and it's not all because of the economy!

After the ruling NASCAR handed down on Clint Bowyer and Richard Childress over a rear-end tolerance infraction, I would love to see their teams withdraw from all future races, and other teams show support and join them in protest of NASCAR's draconian rules. I truly believe thousands of NASCAR fans would support them. I know I would!

Bowyer's car passed NASCAR's inspection before the race. But after the race, it was impounded and inspected at NASCAR's headquarters, and the rear bumper was found to be out of tolerance by one-16th of an inch.

I wonder how many cars would pass this kind of inspection after 500 miles of bumping and rubbing at race speeds. Plus, Bowyer's car was towed by a wrecker to the winner's circle.

The great NASCAR of yesterday is dead and buried, and the talking heads of today keep saying how great the racing is today!

I was a fan for the past 30 years, but now only a casual watcher.



Mon, 02/19/2018 - 21:18

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