Pledge to America is same old stuff



I'm a solid conservative, but I see nothing new in this Pledge to America. It obviously had no Tea Party input.

It comes from the same establishment Republicans who issued the so-called Contract with America, which they did not keep.

In terms of whom you can believe, I give only a small edge to the Republicans over the Democrats. I don't trust either party to do what's best for the country vs. what's best for them. Mike Huckabee on Fox News said it best: "The Republicans had a chance to make a 'real change.' A real change would have included term limits, but they blew it!"

I've listened to House Minority Leader John Boehner and am sickened by his rhetoric. He is one of the last people I would make speaker of the House. Two points stood out to me in this pledge:

- There is no penalty for not keeping promises.

- There's nothing new -- except in the previous contract, term limits were listed. If we fail in a business, fail a school test or make bad decisions, we pay a real price. The only price politicians pay is maybe not raising enough money to get re-elected, which seldom happens.

Again, Huckabee said it best: "Some citizens really mean well when they go to Congress, to serve 'all the people,' but it doesn't take long for them to look around and say, 'Boy, I like these digs, with all the benefits, privileges, staff people holding elevator doors, graft, and on and on.' " If a politician can't steal enough in two or three terms, he should go out like the rest of us and get a real job.

Without a new pledge from Republicans on term limits, on Nov. 2 I'll go into the voting booth, hold my nose and still vote Republican. The only reason is, at this point, the Democrats and Obama are leading us into socialism or something worse.

Nevertheless, vote Nov. 2.



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