Military at disadvantage vs. terrorists



The Rev. Terry Jones and his 50 followers have the constitutional right to burn any book of their choice, but the issue raised the ire worldwide of millions of religiously manipulated Muslims so that the issue of preventing the proposed Quran-burning had become "too big to fail." It came to involve the top of our government and military. Were the jihadists blackmailing us?

If this guy Jones burns our book, they said, we will kill Americans around the world. That was the threat of the terrorists, was it not?

Our best military forces are sent to these Middle Eastern countries with one hand tied behind their backs. Muslim terrorists -- while a minority of Islamic culture -- are civilians in unidentifiable rags killing our soldiers from behind their own women and children. Our rules of engagement prevent our forces from effectively wiping out terrorist nests because of collateral damage.

We should know by now that we cannot win that kind of war. We need statesmen as presidents, not politicians.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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