Thwart comprehensive sex education



Thank you for reporting on the Sept. 14 Richmond County Board of Education meeting ("Pregnancy prevention plan kaput," Sept. 15). This letter is to address board member Helen Minchew's concern over rumors that Planned Parenthood desires to "take over" sex education in the public schools.

For more than a year I was involved with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition initiated by the local health department. As a nurse practitioner doing graduate-program research, I've seen the superior results of abstinence programs over comprehensive sex education programs. Because I frequently shared this information in Teen Pregnancy Prevention committee meetings, I was asked to leave to avoid slowing down their progress.

While occasionally using the benign term "abstinence education," the Teen Pregnancy Coalition is promoting comprehensive sex education for children as young as 9. To grasp the graphic content of a comprehensive sex education program, see the Planned Parenthood Federation of America's website and browse the Teen Talk section.

Comprehensive sex education programs claim to promote abstinence, while indoctrinating youth in the contraceptive mentality, sexual experimentation and the acceptance of homosexual behaviors.

We must be vigilant that Planned Parenthood's comprehensive sex education agenda does not gain a foothold in our community. Kids get enough exposure to perverted/objectifying sex from the media without having these godless practices reinforced in the classroom.

Catherine Espitallier


Pregnancy prevention plan kaput