Column obscures Obama's incompetence



I couldn't let Eugene Robinson's column on "Change accomplished" (Aug. 21) go uncorrected!

Iraq: There are still 50,000 troops there. Bringing the rest home already was in the works. President Obama can thank President Bush for this victory.

Iran: Robinson blames the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad problem on the removal of Saddam Hussein in Iraq! Robinson stated Saddam's "ambitions no longer keep Iran in check." What a twist! Darn! I wish Saddam were back! Maybe Obama can persuade Ahmadinejad to give up nukes because, after all, the U.S. did him a big favor by ousting that nasty Saddam!

General Motors: Robinson wrote "Obama saved GM" and kept "hundreds of thousands of jobs," and GM will soon begin repaying. Actually, General Motors is "repaying" with money given to it by the government -- our taxes. I don't have enough space to explain this funny math! Ford took no bailout and is prospering on its own. Robinson's socialistic thinking is a death knell to the self-reliant values that make America great.

Oil spill: "When Deep Water Horizon went rogue ..."? So, two years of loosey-goosey construction regulation; sloppy efforts to hurry production; BP's deal with Libya; and poor communication between Transocean and BP are not Obama's responsibilities? At least Katrina was an act of God. Deep-Horizon was manmade. Robinson praises Obama for "convincing BP to put up $20 billion" when actually he threatened BP.

Beach trip: Robinson gooily preened over Obama's "day on the beach and a meal of Gulf seafood so soon after the disaster." This effort was indeed "a day" -- one photo allowed.

Mosque controversy: Robinson applauded Obama for "upholding the values of the Constitution." That's not what the fight was about. Obama showed he doesn't get it. Americans care more about our compatriots who experienced the deaths of their loved ones by Islamic terrorists than Imam Rauf who wants his mosque there.

Obama is the most incompetent president in U.S. history! He summons up government purview when it's irrelevant and sidesteps government responsibility when he should apply it!



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