Congress exceeds authority over Clemens



Whether you like him or not and whether he used steroids or not we need more individuals like Roger Clemens -- who faces charges of perjury and obstruction. stemming from testimony before Congress in which he denied using steroids.

As a major-league baseball player he was one of the best, and as an individual fighting for your rights he will be one of the best.

Our U.S. congressmen and congresswomen have chosen to question a U.S. citizen about his personal life using Joseph McCarthy tactics, yet they have no authority provided to them by Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution. Their job is to legislate, not to hold hearings concerning U.S. citizens and their personal lives.

Even that black hole known as the Commerce Clause, which our Congress is using to suck the life out of America, does not apply. Major League Baseball is exempt from the clause via the 1922 Supreme Court decision Federal Baseball Club v. National League .

So Mr. Clemens has chosen to stand up to the out-of-control Congress, and for that he should receive our support. I have contacted several members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform asking for their specific authority to question individual citizens about their personal lives. To date, no reply has been received.

Roger Clemens threw fast balls past major-league batters for years, and now he is doing the same protecting his rights and our rights at the highest level of government. For that, he is a hero.

Henry Jones




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