Columnist Parker stooped pretty low to swipe at AA


I read Kathleen Parker's column in the Sept. 2 edition ("It's Glenn's Beckapalooza"), and while I disagree with her perceptions in general, I strongly defend her right to have them.

I take exception, however, to her ridicule, as I see it, of Alcoholics Anonymous. As I read the column, and what I heard of Mr. Beck's message at the recent Restoring Honor gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, it was in keeping with the 11th Tradition of AA, which states that a member maintain his/her anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.

To my knowledge, he never mentioned AA. Ms. Parker, while she makes no direct connection between AA and Mr. Beck, seems to strongly insinuate that he is indeed a member of AA, and that his gathering was "right out of the AA playbook." "Playbook"? She goes on to say that Mr. Beck's emotional public breakdowns are "replicated" daily at AA meetings, and that "taking others along for the ride, a.k.a. evangelism, also is part of the cure."

As I view it, this is more than a criticism of Glenn Beck. It also is a not-so-thinly-veiled indictment of AA, the most successful program for recovery of alcoholism known to man. Stooping kind of low, Ms. Parker?



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