Mosque near Ground Zero is intolerable



A once-popular song included the line: "Do it to me one more time." This line is the mantra of President Obama and his elitists comrades who support the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.

The twin towers of New York were the target of Muslim terrorists on 9-11 because they represented the power of the greatest representative republic in history; a nation whose people are predominately followers of the incarnate God, Jesus Christ; a bastion against the desire of Muslims to establish a worldwide caliphate. The attacks of 9-11 were the acts of terrorists, but can anyone forget the joyful celebration in the streets of the major Muslim countries? The "Great Satan" had been humiliated!

Islam, the marriage of dictatorial secular and religious ideologies, was developed by Mohammed about 600 A.D. These people want to construct a mosque near Ground Zero. Why this spot? Very simple! This mosque will be viewed worldwide by Muslims as a second 9-11. They will be dancing in the streets as they did nine years ago. The "Great Satan" has been humiliated again!

Nine people in New York had the power to stop construction of this mosque. Their elitist "tolerance" -- which translates to anyone but Jesus Christ -- prevailed over the wishes and wisdom of the people. Does anyone with half a brain believe these elitists would have been similarly tolerant of a Pentecostal or Southern Baptist church at the same location? A Greek Orthodox Church destroyed on 9-11 has yet to be rebuilt because of bureaucratic interference!

Speaking before a group of Muslims recently, Obama put his stamp of approval on the mosque at Ground Zero. Strange isn't it?

Hubert Baker

Aiken, S.C.



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