Wait until November -- vote Democrat



I have been seeing some bumper stickers around town lately stating, "We want to take our country back." Recently I stopped to see who was emerging from an automobile with such a bumper sticker on it. To my surprise, the individual wasn't a Native American. I was tempted to ask the man from whom he was going to take the country. I wanted to tell him that this country belongs to all Americans, not a particular group or party.

I also have seen other bumper stickers stating "Wait until November." What is going to happen in November besides Thanksgiving? And it came to me that Election Day is in November, and maybe this message implies that some are eagerly waiting for the Republicans to get control of Congress. But the voters can't be that uninformed to return Congress to the party that got us into the financial crisis. That would be mega-dumb.

There are two traits common among many American voters: short attention spans and the need for instant gratification. Many don't recall or connect the Bush policies to the present economic situation. And some don't understand why these troubles can't be fixed just by wishing it so. If the voters lash out to teach "them" a lesson, it will be at a greater cost to the voters themselves.

The Republicans have been obstructionists refusing to work with the Democrats, and their only agenda items have been tax cuts and less regulation. If they gain control of Congress and are able to enact their agenda, we may have a depression.

Time is out for pandering, grandstanding and sound bites. It took a decade to get in the ditch we are in, and we aren't going to get out instantly.

I sincerely believe the Democrats have the better agenda to lead us forward. We must vote in November to keep the present party in power.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.