Murdoch's minions preach divisiveness



Who owns Glenn Beck? Who owns Fox News? Who spews hatred, bigotry and divisiveness? The answer is Rupert Murdoch -- an immigrant from Australia who became a U.S. citizen not because he loved America, but because it was the only way he could, by U.S. law, own a television station and thus broadcast front men such as Glenn Beck.

When my grandparents emigrated to this country, it was with a sense of love for the United States. Every Fourth of July, a huge American flag proudly hung from the family home. They did not accumulate great wealth, but they led hard-working, decent, honorable lives.

Murdoch, on the other hand, engages in devious business practices, and hides his enormous wealth, earned in this country, in offshore tax havens.

Our great leaders -- Abraham Lincoln, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, among others -- preached unity, rights for all and concern for each citizen. President Obama, in that mold, speaks to our better selves, and is leading us to a better America -- but every media source with which Murdoch is associated mines the meanest depths of our beings through lies, smears and bigotry as espoused by his minion, Glenn Beck, all aimed at dividing the American people.

Yes, Beck wants to take us back. But to what -- crosses burning on lawns? Opportunity only for the elite? Instead, take us back to the Declaration of Independence -- "all men are created equal." That document is the founding vision of our country.

These voices of darkness do not deserve to be called Americans.

Gloria R. Greenbaum