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How stupid we have become in America! We have thrown our anchor, along with its chain, overboard. They were the Constitution and the Word of God, the Bible. Of course this is something the left does not want to hear, but we should get back to the ability to reason as Joe Fausnight stated in his letter, "Dogma shouldn't override rationality" (Aug. 7).

At the founding of our nation, the Bible was the basis for our reasoning, and the greatest nation in history was formed! Now we have done away with the Bible, so our reasoning is based upon whatever society thinks is right! Therefore, the human nature is not so bad, and we should not really be too hard on the wrongdoings of individuals because they are responding to their natural brute instincts. Let's be more forgiving! That's what Jesus would want!


There is nothing wrong with the Ten Commandments; it's just that our society is too dumb to realize what a wonderful set of rules they are for us to live by. What if we accepted and lived accordingly -- that we should not steal, lie or kill; or want someone else's wife; and that we should honor and respect and care for our parents and grandparents? What's so wrong about that? One might say that we already have laws against stealing, lying and killing, and we support that, but we just don't want it to come from the Bible.

The opposition to the Bible is a natural response because we have a nature that is basically sinful. Of course, we do not like to hear this either, because in our modern society, sin is unthinkable! The cold facts are: The Bible is the Word of God; it is the world's best-seller, and sold 2.5 million copies in 2006. In spite of the assumptions of evolution, the Bible covers thousands of years of Earth's history, and speaks of a loving God who offers forgiveness of our sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As Mr. Fausnight said: "We have the gift of reason. Use it!"

Gil Ward


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