Coach makes pro players hit the books



I want to express my sincere and deep admiration and appreciation for Los Angeles Lakers basketball coach Phil Jackson. He's an extremely brilliant and well-read coach who knows the importance and positive impact that reading has upon his players' state of mind.

He's an avid reader, and I'm convinced that he's the only athletic coach in America who challenges his players to do the same. He gives all of them challenging and meaningful books to read.

Actually, he started this brilliant and educational process when he coached the Chicago Bulls; now it continues with the Lakers. He knows that his players are intelligent and academically competent. This reading agenda definitely has been extremely beneficial for all of the athletes of color that he has coached over the years.

Mr. Jackson knows that reading books provides a mental discipline that allow his players to expand their mental capacity to think at a higher, expanded level for athletic success.

Sports commentators often mention that Mr. Jackson rarely calls a time-out for his players when they're not playing well. He wants them to figure out and correct their mistakes as they play.

He has been the total opposite of too many coaches who have fostered a master-slave relationship with their athletes of color. Actually, these ignorant coaches prefer to develop the brawn power of athletes and totally neglect their power of intelligence. This has been a melancholy commentary on athletics in America.

Mr. Jackson has been able to use books as a means to accomplish athletic success. Is this brilliant or what?

E. Maner




Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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