Officer's photo should show safety first



The lead story in the Aug. 11 Metro section ("Gunning for the top") shows a Richmond County investigator firing his weapon. The story was great news about a good law enforcement division. The action shot distinctly captures the spent casing being ejected from the weapon.

The bad news is that the investigator in the photograph clearly is not wearing eye protection. It appears that he is not using any hearing protection, either. This is not the example that a safety officer should be setting.

In tactical situations, often it will not be possible to don protective equipment. However, it is ill-advised to not wear protection when it is possible to do so, such as in target practice and competition.

This was probably a one-off instance and not representative of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office or the investigator's safety attitude. Let's hope so.

Jim Herrmann


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Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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