ASU suit highlights confusion over truth



I have worked at the interface of medicine, psychology and psychiatry, and morality (ethics) for 40 years, having been on the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia for 25 years among other endeavors. The lawsuit of Jennifer Keeton against Augusta State University represents the confusion of our times over science, moral and legal issues.

Jonas Robitscher, in his book The Power of Psychiatry, describes how, in 1973, the designation of homosexuality was changed from "an official disease classification" of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders simply by the vote of a committee of the American Psychiatric Association. That is "science" by committee.

Dr. Paul Cameron, in his book The Gay Nineties: What the Empirical Evidence Reveals about Homosexuality, documents how homosexuality spreads sexually transmitted diseases far more rampantly than heterosexuality, most notably HIV/AIDS. He has further documented that homosexuals have a greater involvement than heterosexuals in serious and petty crimes of every type.

The only reason that homosexuality has become acceptable is the institutionalization of political correctness on college campuses, including ASU, which is an agenda of the religion of secular humanism, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in Malnak v. Maharishi Mahese Yogi . This ideation extends throughout the campus from my observations as a student there.

The only issue in this case is whether a law has been violated by the behavior of faculty at ASU. There are no grounds to justify the behavior of ASU faculty on science, moral or religious belief. They have adopted certain personal preferences. Whether they have violated a law is up to the courts.

But if they do have legal standing, then everything for which ASU and all universities are supposed to stand -- the collegiality of an effort to find truth -- burns to ashes. Universities then become institutions for the enforcement of state "truth." We already have seen those results in communist countries!

Franklin E. Payne, M.D.




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