Senators drag feet on Obama birth issue



There is discontent within the Clayton County Republican Party Committee. It concerns support for our Georgia senators.

The gist of the disagreement revolves around President Obama's eligibility to hold office, and that neither senator has taken any action concerning this violation of the Constitution. The Constitution requires that a U.S. citizen be a "natural born" citizen to hold the office of president. Obama's birth fails to meet this requirement.

On July 7, a motion was put forward by the members of the CCGOP to withdraw support for Sen. Johnny Isakson because of "his failure to vet and to stand up for us concerning the eligibility of Barack Obama." The Constitution clearly defines a "natural born" citizen. Both parents have to be U.S. citizens. Not so in Obama's case. The article on The Post & Email Web site says that the CCGOP voted to endorse Libertarian Chuck Donovan for the U.S. Senate seat over incumbent Isakson.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss also was contacted regarding the eligibility of Obama. The CCGOP member says that he was "thwarted at every attempt" to find out if Obama actually is eligible.

The article charges that Johnny Isakson (and Chambliss) have failed to uphold their constitutional oath of office.

I also have contacted both senators with specific details, and asked that they uphold their oath and conduct the congressional oversight they are tasked with. They continue to ignore us. Both of these senators should be removed from office.



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