Bicyclists should share road, burden



To be able to drive on the road, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc., all have to be registered, have license plates, pay taxes and have insurance. As far as I know, bicyclists don't have to pay any of this -- so why should we have to share the road with them?

Why do they have their own lane on a lot of roads? Why are they so important that they are exempt from paying for the privilege to be on the road like the rest of us? If cyclists want to drive their bikes on the road with vehicles, they should be required to do everything we as drivers of vehicles have to do -- pay, and follow the same rules.

I don't have children, and I have to pay school taxes. I don't like that a lot. It's not fair. I would gladly pay the tax instead to an animal rescue organization. We taxpayers don't have a choice.

I have nothing against cyclists or kids. I just believe in fairness, which is a rare commodity these days. I'll gladly share the road with cyclists when they start paying for the privilege.

Beth Guarnieri

North Augusta, S.C.



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