Tax dollars could have been better spent



Normally, I wouldn't bother with something as ridiculous as this affair, because I don't live in Richmond County, but this money from the federal government to improve Laney High School is tax dollars from me and the rest of the United States.

First off, it was just the $12,458 for the "team-building" retreat, but later there was something about transportation costs of $1,400. What will it be tomorrow?

I can think of several places locally to hold a retreat that will not cost an arm and a leg besides the Ritz-Carlton. For example, Magnolia Springs State Park has a youth camp area with housing, a large dining hall, kitchen and meeting areas that could have been used. It's quiet; there are cottages for housing available; all facilities are air-conditioned; and the park is just 50 miles south of Augusta off a four-lane highway. Somehow, I don't see bus rental and drivers being $1,400, but then, what do I know?

Like many other things in Richmond County and the city of Augusta, there seems to be a great lack of forethought. Surely someone somewhere in he system could have seen the uproar coming that this has engendered.

I taught here in Jenkins County, and everything we did had to be approved by its Board of Education before it could be done. Is Richmond County different than the rest of the state of Georgia?