Student should stand for her beliefs



Jennifer Keeton -- the young lady who is suing Augusta State University, charging that counseling professors asked her to set aside her faith -- is a breath of fresh air. It is time more people stood straight and stalwart for their beliefs.

This is not about her beliefs as much as it is about her right to express what she believes in. This is an educated young lady who is being chastised because she chose to say what she believes to be the truth.

The freedom to think and express what you believe in is what made this country great. This is what makes college exciting -- new ideas and the ability to share and try new things.

This has nothing to do with whether homosexuality is right or wrong. It has everything to do with not daring to disagree with a professor. What a piece of work. It's time to find higher education in Athens or Columbia.

Pat Jones

North Augusta, S.C.


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