Where's ACLU in Fort Gordon case?



With the stolen valor cases making headlines in recent weeks, the American Civil Liberties Union defended the practice of wearing bogus military uniforms by those not authorized.

The ACLU position is that, "It is a First Amendment protection, and who does it hurt?" Nothing is wrong with some dude wearing a general's uniform with a chest full of medals for valor when the closest he ever came to a fort was a "play fort" in his yard.

Now that this Anthony Saxon case involving Fort Gordon is headed for court as soon as the psych exams are over (this may take a while), where is the ACLU?

The harm and peril was made clear by Saxon. The fact is that when one wears a military uniform, he is usually passed with cursory investigation. Saxon has now forced the military to expend more time and cause more delays and aggravation as it tries to make sure that a guy in a master sergeant's uniform is not just some nut case looking for weapons and aiming devices.

Allen W. Johnson


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