GOP actions might haunt them later



With Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell grinning, the Senate Republicans filibustered the bill to extend unemployment insurance to 22 million unemployed.

They are spreading the false impressions that the unemployed are lazy and just waiting for handouts -- and if the unemployment insurance is extended, our debt would be overwhelming. How proud the Republicans are for taking food off the table in the richest country in the world, using debt as an excuse.

Could it be that McConnell and his crowd are cynically playing politics with those desperate for jobs, and are blocking extended unemployment insurance as a killer tool to embarrass the administration so that the election goes their way? Or is it that the Republicans believe that unemployed are the lowest caste in our country, and don't deserve looking after?

Whatever their motives, voting against 22 million people will have its consequences. The pundits predict a disaster for the Democrats in the November election. Could it be that the McConnell crowd, with all its machinations, will not be grinning when the people using food stamps to survive decide to vote for the Democrats? I hope so!

These same Republicans argue that the stimulus package that they voted against did nothing for Georgia and the country. Well, if it wasn't for this funding, the public schools in Georgia would be closed. Gov. Sonny Perdue initially refused the funding -- but with our state Democrats pointing out that without it we could not balance the state budget, he accepted it.

The only conclusion must be that the Republicans do not want public education. In fact, Perdue's current program allowing up to 30 kids in class and furloughing teachers will lead to an even higher dropout rate, of which we must be surely ashamed.

As far as the pundits are concerned, the election in November may tell the tale -- not of President Obama's negatives, but of the Republican's continued disregard for the welfare of the people.

Lowell Greenbaum


(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)


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