Criticism of Obama is exaggerated



All the comments and letters The Augusta Chronicle publishes accusing President Obama of doing what he wants and not following the Constitution lead me to believe a solid majority of Chronicle readers don't understand Congress has the constitutional authority to deliberate, vote on and pass absolutely anything into law it wants. This is what I'm told is known as "democracy."

And the only checks on Congress are the Supreme Court and a presidential veto. If the president doesn't veto a piece of legislation, it's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether it's constitutional, and kill it or not.

So, then, how is President Obama turning his back on the Constitution? He sends bills to Congress. Congress has indeed democratically passed many of them -- as it did for the last president. Congress did recently, however, democratically vote against Obama's request to extend unemployment benefits.

Did Obama assert the "dictatorial powers" I constantly hear he has, and force Congress to extend them anyway? Nope. For all the constant wigging-out that "we need to take our country back from the evil dictator," has Obama, like Andrew Jackson, dictatorially defied a single Supreme Court ruling during his tenure? Nope.

If Obama wasn't minutely following the Constitution, wouldn't congressional and Supreme Court conservatives be howling for his impeachment? Has anyone heard anything about impeaching Obama -- aside from followers of Rush Limbaugh, who, by himself, ironically, seems to be more powerful than our entire government?

Possibly there have been no hoots for impeachment because congressional and Supreme Court conservatives are, thankfully (unlike Limbaugh), forced by reason to know the difference between Obama actually committing treason, and simply disagreeing with his ideas Congress democratically passes into law.

Nathan Kirby




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