Obama's leadership increases worries



I used to worry about our grandchildren's future because of what this sitting president is doing to our country. Then it was our children. Now it's our immediate concern.

Our president just told the world on television that illegal Mexicans can't be stopped, but he's sending 1.500 troops to the Arizona border to patrol 800 miles of the border. That's our commander in chief!

Arizona has a southern state park that has warning signs not to enter because of the Mexican violence in the area. This is our country he's talking about.

One of the first countries Obama visited after he was elected was Kenya. On a previous trip there as a U.S. senator, he had his picture taken wearing a white Muslim robe and cap to match. Naturally he knew he wouldn't go far in America as a Muslim, so he went to his favorite pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (for 20 years), who married him and his wife, and baptized their children.

He should worry, though -- the community-organizing group he worked with -- ACORN -- was taken down by two young people.

The problem: With Obama gone, we would be left with the pecking order of Vice President Joe Biden, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Heaven help us.

Spencer G. Fischer

Jackson, S.C.


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