Heroes abound in our community, too

Your story about Dr. Chris White and Gen. David Petraeus ("MCG professor knows what Petraeus is made of," July 1) has compelled me to write this letter. Dr. White is one of many inspiring doctors whom I have the privilege to work with every day.


Augusta has a gold mine in the Children's Medical Center, a place where I have the joy and privilege to work. I have the opportunity every day to see heroes -- though maybe not four-star generals like David Petraeus -- who do their best every day to keep our children safe and healthy.

I don't have enough room to name all the heroes or their heroic effects I have witnessed since we opened our hospital, but let me assure you, Augusta: Your children are lucky to live in this town. I leave work every day amazed at the fact that I work with heroes.

Gen. Petraeus will to go Afghanistan to protect our country from harm. The heroic physicians I work with will go to battle to keep your children healthy and safe.

Ann Ribock


MCG professor knows what Petraeus is made of


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