General allowed to just retire? Why?



The fact that Gen. Stanley McChrystal will be allowed to retire with the rank of a four-star general, as a retired soldier, is going far beyond the rules.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice states in part that, if you are found to be in violation of any published or written rules while on active duty, you must be punished for offenses committed.

Gen, McChrystal clearly was in violation on at least two points:

- He did, without permission, speak to the media without getting his interview approved.

- The very same rule he himself gave to the troops he commanded he violated.

So to allow him to retire at the rank of a four-star general -- what now can we say to the next person who violates procedures?

I am a retired soldier with 20 years of honorable service, so I feel I can ask this question: Will this decision create any future problems when this article of the UMCJ is violated?

Joseph Diggs Sr.