AP's bias running, ruining our nation



Journalism is not asking for the destruction of democracy. It's getting down on its knees and begging for it.

One way this occurs is through the widespread use of stories by the Associated Press, which bills itself as a news organization, but is actually very liberal, as seen in its stories. Thus, we get people such as President Obama and Bill Clinton -- both Democrats who fits the AP liberal mold -- and slanted stories taken as gospel by the 1,400 daily newspapers that get AP, with a no-questions-asked attitude.

With widespread political propaganda like that, what is the future of democracy? Add ABC, NBC, and CBS news programs to the mix (with a combined audience of 40 million), and with virtually no local stations complaining about the liberal propaganda, and you have 80 percent of the national media that is liberal (according to Fox News).

While AP is in a position to throw national elections, they also get in on statewide elections, which, nationwide, allows them to affect outcomes in congressional races, and to sway which party rules in Washington.

On June 28, a Chronicle -run AP story on four Republicans running for Georgia governor noted that all talked of the new Arizona immigration law, which "requires that police investigating a crime or incident to ask people about their immigration status ... ."

AP disagreed with the Republican candidates -- as if AP was running for governor -- by saying the law "has been widely decried by civil liberties and immigrant rights activists, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the federal government planned to sue over the issue." Fellow Democrat candidates are presented as flawless.

By allowing AP to cover state politics, newspapers are letting this kind of bias happen. They should join together and form a national news service to curtail this force that reaches 200 million people, and is running and ruining the country.

Tom Hunter




Sun, 10/22/2017 - 00:07

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