Progressive presidents helped ruin us

Please examine the three progressive presidents of the United States of America: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama.


During Wilson's term, the income tax, popular election of senators and prohibition amendments were passed. More than 100,000 American lives were lost in a world war. He tried to form a one-world confederation.

During FDR's terms, the New Deal was passed. Most of it was unconstitutional, and it was also a failure. The precedent from 1921 was ignored. Unemployment was above 18 percent, and the deficit increased more than 500 percent. More than 400,000 American lives were lost in a world war.

During Obama's term, taxpayers have become owners of banks, insurance companies and car companies. There are unelected czars running an ever-increasing part of our world. He has alienated Israel and the United Kingdom -- two of our best allies. He has nationalized medical care.

He has used "stimulus money" as political money. Progressive states that have been bankrupted by liberal policies will be bailed out as federal taxpayers pay for generous salaries and retirements for firefighters, police and teachers.

All banks will be punished for the misdeeds of a few banks. Congress has taken no blame and has protected Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Reserve -- the three largest villains.

When an inspector general uncovers improprieties, he is fired. When a military general disagrees publicly, he is fired. A failure to properly regulate deep-water drilling has allowed him to implement an anti-carbon moratorium on drilling -- again, punishing all for the few. His anti-business policies have made this the Great Recession.

The Constitution has been ignored. We no longer have the rule of law.


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It’s up to the people

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This act cannot stand

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