Thank the wealthy who pull the freight



Thank God for the wealthy who pay the lion's share of taxes, give the largest amounts to charitable causes and provide the most jobs.

A quick check of National Taxpayers Union statistics shows the following:

- The top 1 percent of income earners average $410,000 annually and pay 40 percent of all income taxes collected.

- The top 5 percent average $160,000 and pay 61 percent.

- The top 10 percent average $113,000 and pay 71 percent.

- The top 25 percent average $66,000 and pay 87 percent.

- The bottom 50 percent average $32,000 and pay only 3 percent; this includes the bottom 40 percent who pay no taxes and many who get a positive return from the rest of us.

This explains why the best thing we can do for the poor is not be one of them.

The poor are not poor because of the wealthy. Most are poor because of bad decisions. The first bad decision for most of the poor was failing to get a good education or job training, which has been available to all even if, God forbid, they had to work full-time and go to night school to get it.

Other bad decisions include having children outside of a stable marriage; overspending and not saving; a poor work ethic as expressed in the now not-so-popular song Take This Job and Shove It; and, of course, drug and alcohol abuse, and criminal activity.

Sure there are a small number who, through illness, accidents or just plain bad luck deserve our help. But the whining Democrats only want to blame the wealthy and raise more tax money to buy more votes from their freeloading constituents.

Democracy ends when voters learn they can vote themselves other people's money. Socialism ends when they run out of other people's money -- e.g., Greece and California.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

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