Too much dirt being thrown at Obama

C'mon, Chronicle editors. Grow up!


First you and the talking heads in the conservative electronic media complain that President Obama is not emotional enough on issues. Then when he uses the well-worn phrase in relation to the BP oil spill, you accuse him of being vulgar and setting a poor example.

Hey, I'd rather have a president who's says he wants to kick somebody's butt than one who brags, "Mission accomplished," while American military women and men are fighting and dying in Iraq. Now that is vulgarity.

How about when Dick Cheney used the "f" bomb in a verbal blast at a member of Congress? Did you criticize his vulgarity? (Editor's note: We did -- "Cheney's hypocrisies," June 30, 2004.)

I haven't read an editorial criticizing South Carolina state Sen. Jake Knotts for calling GOP gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley a "raghead." Not only was that vulgar, it was racist, too.

Those of us who support President Obama have grown accustomed to watching conservatives waste their energy trying to undermine his presidency by complaining about things he does or doesn't do.

For example, one guy sent me an e-mail that's been in circulation awhile complaining about Obama putting his feet on the desk in his desk in the Oval Office. What? Photos abound of other American presidents with their feet similarly perched. Apparently in Obama's case, though, the difference is who the feet belong to.

Dave Lorenzatti

McCormick, S.C.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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