Obama isn't the failure you believe



If only The Augusta Chronicle could be dispassionate or at least objective in its analysis of President Obama, as the paper has stated ("Evidence can't be ignored: It's been a disaster," May 30). You must take your cues from Fox News.

Fox News and papers such as yours have undoubtedly influenced their watchers and readers, but Americans will soon realize the positive things the health-care reform law has, including no denying insurance with a pre-existing condition; no limit on the cost of medical expenses in one's lifetime; and children up to the age of 26 being included in family insurance.

You neglected to mention all the catastrophic problems Obama inherited from the Bush administration. Also, in a year and a half the stock market has risen more than 3,000 points; jobs are being created; and the economy is improving -- all thanks to the Obama administration.

As for immigration, it is the Republicans who are afraid to tackle that problem now. Don't blame Obama. Reading Miranda rights to American terrorists is following the law, and international terrorists have given valuable information before and after they were read their Miranda rights.

The oil spill is really President Bush's second Katrina, or at least former Vice President Dick Cheney's. Recall those secret meetings Cheney had with oil executives? Because of executive privilege, he kept them secret. He presided over the weakening of drilling regulations, including the exclusion of a remote shutoff switch that might have prevented the current disaster. Obama should have gutted the Minerals Management Service immediately after his inauguration; otherwise, he has been on top of the situation since day one.

Where do you get your 26 percent approval rating of the president? I've heard and read 50 percent approval repeatedly. Besides, Obama is the most respected national leader in the world, and he has raised the prestige of America across the globe.

Thank goodness brains are back in the White House after eight years of the Bush debacle.



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