We must protect our Constitution

If we don't start paying attention to how Washington is shredding our Constitution, the extent of our rights will be, "Sit down, shut up, do what you're told and pay taxes."


Protecting the Constitution is our duty. We can't pick and choose the parts we like and ignore the rest. Going to the polls and voting isn't enough.

The Constitution is a simple document with tremendous powers, if we take the time to protect it from Congress. The Constitution defines the powers of federal and state governments, but governments at all levels have slowly eroded and blurred the true meaning of personal rights.

All Americans and liberty-seeking organizations should take notice of the words "United we stand; divided we fall." The Fair Tax, the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association are some examples of organizations championing their causes while refusing to join together to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Washington will love and protect us to death if we allow government to continue business as usual.

The Constitution was written to protect us from government intrusion into our private rights, not to serve the ambitions of politicians. "Do the right thing" and "politicians" are words not normally found in the same sentence. The driving force behind all politics is to be re-elected, so unless the political parties change, do not vote for their candidates.

Arlie Smith