Wisely spend what money we have

Now that the voters of Aiken have sent the message that we do not want a $236 million bond for schools, let's expand on this.


No more money for schools. Period.

The funds have been mismanaged in the past, and what makes people think they will be handled any more responsibly in the near future? How about some new blood -- people who know how to budget and handle other people's money responsibly? How about some ethics and honesty?

It is a disgrace how the people who have mismanaged these funds, and let the school buildings deteriorate, will not take responsibility for their mistakes, and instead come to an already overtaxed citizenry and ask for more money.

With all of these figures out, if the powers that be propose cuts that will directly affect the kids, teachers' salaries etc.: Shame on you. We want real reform, not manipulations.

There are a slew of new taxes coming (health care, etc.), and we need to get ready. Don't people understand? We are on the road to financial destruction, and might just possibly be grateful for the buildings we have. How about some community pride? The government is printing money and living off of borrowed money from China. We are broke, but we have ingenuity. Let's use it.

The focus needs to be on real education for our kids, not warehousing our next generation until they are able to become taxpayers or on government assistance. We need to stop this train.

Leslie Hutto

Aiken, S.C.