Recall us all on Memorial Day

Please allow me to share some accomplishments and contributions and sacrifices made by my family. My name is Dixie.


My son George Washington from Virginia led our troops to victory in the American Revolution, during freezing weather and while disease killed many spared in combat.

My son Francis Marion -- the "Swamp Fox" from South Carolina -- also fought the British and won during the American Revolution.

My son Andrew Jackson from South Carolina fought in New Orleans during the War of 1812. His courage and 3,000 men defeated 10,000 experienced British troops. What leadership! We won the War of 1812, thanks to men like him.

Also, let's not forget my sons who gave new meaning to the word "courage." Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie, with about 200 men, took on Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna's army at a place called the Alamo. Santa Anna's army numbered in the thousands. My sons never had a chance, but they gave Santa Anna's army a lesson in courage. Soon after their stand, Sam Houston's army defeated Santa Anna's army.

My son Sgt. Alvin York from Tennessee captured 50 or so German soldiers during World War I and marched them back to U.S. lines singlehandedly. He was the most decorated soldier in World War I and was awarded the Medal of Honor.

My son Lt. Audie Murphy from Texas earned a battlefield commission in combat against Hitler's army in World War II. He also became the most decorated soldier in World War II.

Also in World War II, some great military leaders came from the South: Gens. Dwight Eisenhower from Texas and Douglas MacArthur from Arkansas, and Adm. Chester Nimitz from Texas.

In closing, please honor my 260,000 family members who died in the War Between the States on Memorial Day. I will never forget them.

Dewey E. Hill




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