What's the big deal about profiling?



Please help me here, I want to be sure I do not overstep the bounds of profiling.

If I am going deer hunting, how many rabbits and doves do I need to check?

Should I go for a big bass in the middle of a desert?

If the police are looking for an old, fat white guy who robbed a bank, think they will have any luck at a rap concert?

"Profiling" is now a bad word, against the law and just downright wrong -- or so some would have us believe. Well, come on folks, it works!

If you are looking for Middle Eastern terrorists, look for Middle Eastern men and leave 65-year-old Japanese grandmothers alone.

Looking for illegal Mexican border-jumpers? Try checking Mexicans while they have been stopped for some infraction of our laws.

Profiling -- it works.

John Gasko