The freedom to pray lies within us all



U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb made a colossal mistake recently in ruling that a National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. But I am glad to learn that President Obama still issued a proclamation for the prayer day.

If our district judges, such as Barbara Crabb, continue to erode our basic values put forth by our Founding Fathers, we as a nation truly have cause for alarm.

Here is a proposal. It is not a rule or a law, or a commandment, just a simple idea: When you see the American flag outside, breathe this prayer: "God bless America!" It can be done silently, or out loud, which ever is appropriate at the time.

Then, say this, if you see more than one American flag close together: "America bless God!" Again, it can be done silently or out loud, whatever you feel is appropriate at the time.

Always remember this: No one -- atheists, agnostics or any foreign power or person -- can ever erase our American heritage. To God be the glory!

Sondra Gillespie



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