We don't need more taxes for schools

The Aiken County school board is trying to push a $236 million bond referendum through, it appears, at breakneck speed, before voters know all the facts.


Something this big should be voted for in a general election, not a primary, where voter turnout typically is extremely low. The bond issue is being pushed in a slick ad campaign "for the kids," vilifying anyone opposing this as against the kids.

I am a lifelong resident of North Augusta, and a 1984 North Augusta High School graduate who has a senior at NAHS and an 8-year-old future NAHS student. I am adamantly opposed to the additional tax. The facility is close to 40 years old, but could be retrofitted to accommodate for new technology.

We are supposed to blindly sign off on this massive tax burden without even knowing where this new school will be located or what it will look like? This is akin to a business owner going to the bank and requesting money for capital investment without a business plan as to how the money would be spent. How far would this go in the real world?

In this economic climate, the Aiken County school board needs to look internally before requesting a bailout from taxpayers.

Jeff Siverhus

North Augusta, S.C.



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