Don't sue over new health-care plan



More lawsuits! Georgia now has joined 19 other states in lawsuits challenging the new federal health-care plan. But I have a lot of questions.

How many Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries do we have in Georgia? How many insureds who are fine with the medical insurance they have, or people who bought cheaper medical insurance across state lines? How many retired pensioners already have medical insurance? How many retired veterans have medical insurance that won't be affected? How many people won't have medical insurance in 2014?

If I'm correct, if you're not insured under the new government health care, you will pay a fine of less than $100 -- but you will still see a doctor if you get sick, and at that time you can get the insurance you need. President Bush created the Part D prescription plan, and you had to pay a fine if you did not enroll in Part D when you first became eligible for Medicare parts A and B.

There also was a lawsuit recently against the Obama administration to implement Georgia's system of checking citizenship of newly registering voters. The filing of that lawsuit should remind Gov. Sonny Perdue of the letter he wrote to the Justice Department asking for -- and getting -- pre-clearance of the voter ID law in 2005.

Don't file litigation just because you are the opposing party. No reform is going to make everyone happy.

Annie Thompson




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