Avoid the VAT and embrace the Fair Tax

Am I the only one who remembers the first proponents of a Fair Tax were met with the criticism that the Fair Tax was a value-added tax that has stagnated European countries? Those dissenters had never read, let alone understood, the Fair Tax -- they only followed the talking points pushed on them by corrupt, politically motivated sources.


Now those same sources are promoting that evil VAT in lieu of the Fair Tax.

Why do people in this country oppose ideas that they have neither researched nor evaluated? Is it laziness? Do they think they have never had to contribute, and don't want to change that status? Believe me, they pay every day with their own impotence.

Right in the middle of another European economic crisis, our misled or idiotic political class is promoting that very VAT they derided as an argument against the Fair Tax. The argument was specious and a response to the panic of losing power.

Read about the Fair Tax, then ask your political representatives what the Fair Tax truly is. If they don't know in this day and time, they are poor representatives indeed. If they misrepresent it, they are taking you for a fool.

Driven only by the lust for personal power, these dunderheads are promoting the very policies that have led to the fiscal instability and economic stagnation that plagues Europe.

The Fair Tax is exactly that because it will put the American people back on an even status with the American politician, who now uses the IRS as a source of power and corruption.

How many Americans now forced into bankruptcy by the policies of the politically elite have had all debts forgiven except those of the IRS?

How much tax fraud has led to IRS investigations and prosecutions with little return on investment? How much goes hidden and unprosecuted?

How much money laundering has led to investigations and prosecutions with little return on investment? How much goes hidden and unprosecuted?

How many very rich Americans hide their wealth in Fiji, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Belgium and Switzerland to avoid the IRS?

Get rid of the IRS. Tax Americans on what they consume, not what they earn. Consumer prices will come down. Spending power -- your power -- will increase. Politicians will lose power. Corruption will lose influence.

Is that so hard to understand?

Do you want to understand?

William J. Welsh, M.D.




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