Quit the dogpiling on President Obama

OK, enough is enough! The Obama-bashers have been getting away with such a plethora of negativity, anger and downright lies about this administration, and they are spreading like wildfire. Campaign advertisements are reflective of that same negativity. I have to recount what I have heard.


I was watching the local news and a story was featured about a program providing jobs for teens in Georgia, and these jobs are funded with federal stimulus money.

This story was followed by another featuring the last day for a homebuyer's tax credit -- "another product of the Obama administration, which gave a $6- to $8,000 tax cut to home-buyers." After this news story, a campaign spot came on the air asking: "Isn't it time government did something for you?"

I found this to be quite ironic to be airing following two news stories that clearly demonstrated specific episodes of government working for the people.

Summer jobs for teens and a tax cut to stimulate the housing market can be classified as programs that the government sponsored to do something for the average citizen.

Quarterly gross domestic indicators were released April 30, and show an increase of 3.2 percent. However, on my way to work I listened to radio commentators stating that these numbers do not really mean the economy is growing. It is a false positive reading, and will only lead to further recessionary figures!

It is amazing to me that whatever President Obama does, he receives criticism. If he endorses an idea that Republicans formerly endorsed, it is rejected by Republicans once Obama shows his support. If Obama tries to pass federal regulations for the good of the U.S. citizens, it is met with cries of more "government interference" and further proof of socialism.

It is time to start listening to the real stories, and not just sound bites from Fox News.

Nancy Moore




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