Conservatives fundamentally dishonest



Conservatives and those with a similar mind-set are dishonest. They masterfully misrepresent. What they represent outwardly is not who they are inwardly.

They use their railings against government taxes, entitlements and programs as a subterfuge for their hatred against people of color and the less fortunate, and not the misguided people of color who claim to be conservative. That is why the Electronic Benefit Transfer card-carrier is the conservatives' favorite whipping boy. However, in reality conservatives love government so long as it is aiding their selfish agenda.

Conservatives are the first in line to reap the benefits from every government tax break, entitlement or program. Next, children of conservatives are the majority beneficiaries of government-sponsored HOPE Scholarships. Furthermore, conservatives love to take advantage of the poor and less fortunate with the aid of government. They represent the majority of government-licensed pawn shops, predatory payday lenders and businesses who charge exorbitant interest on loans.

Conservative religious organizations are no exception. They are mute when it comes to their government-sanctioned, tax-exempt status. Their God is gold, and their Jesus heals and performs miracles for a monetary price. They know their religious racketeering will never be challenged by the government they love to hate.

Minus the patriotic rhetoric, conservatism is just another example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Kevin Palmer