What's next? I want my country back



It makes me sick to think about the direction our country is going in.

The economic stimulus; Obamacare; the government mandating that you buy insurance; cap-and-trade; bowing to other countries; climate change, the new and empowered Environmental Protection Agency, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid; nuclear reduction; no more research and development on nukes -- those are just a few things that tick me off. What's next? It gets better.

Soon the government will tell you what you can't eat because an unhealthy diet will make you a greater risk to disease, which will run up the cost of Obamacare. No more red meat and pork, no fried chicken, no fried fish, no sodas -- the list could go on.

A house will be built under the government's EPA guidelines. Plumbing, wiring, heating and cooling will have very strict regulations. Go green.

The government has its hands in the auto industry, insurance, housing, banking, Social Security, the postal service, Wall Street and more. The government never has run anything efficiently. It is a fact. What's next?

Now we are going to be punished with a national sales tax to pay for the liberal spending in Washington. Tax and spend -- this is all leftists know.

Terrorists -- if they haven't already -- will come in the United States through Mexico and kill us with dirty bombs or diseases such as smallpox. I have written my congressmen about this many times. What's next?

Let's drill for oil wherever the oil is. Let's say that there is a war in the Middle East, and we have our crude oil cut off. Our gas prices will shoot up to $10 or $14 per gallon or more and will be rationed. Let's think green while we are drilling. What's next?

Television and radio will be regulated -- especially conservative newscasts and commentaries. What's next?

The Internet will be regulated and taxed. Your e-mails will cost you. What's next?

Illegals. The left wants to make all illegals into citizens so they will vote Democratic and elect more liberals.

Let's just give our country away. President Obama wants the government to control and regulate every aspect of our lives. If this is not socialism, what is it?

Our country must be strong to survive. I see military cuts in the works just to show other countries that we respect them and trust them not to attack us. I say that we keep a stern face and carry a very big stick -- no more bowing and apologizing. Who does the bully at school pick on? It's not the kid with a bat or frown, but the kid who looks a little weak and quiet, and minds his own business.

We need a strong military and a strong leader with common sense. I want my U.S.A. back.

Sam Arrington




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