Obama's record a laundry list of outrage



What is it that we wrought upon ourselves through our naïvete at the polls in 2008? We were apparently so dissatisfied with Bush policies and so bent on "change" for its own sake that we lost sight of logic and reality, and elected a man and a Congress dedicated to the socialization of our country and irrelevance of our Constitution.

In little more than a year President Obama has compiled an envious record of achievements (if you're cheerleading for the other guys):

- bailout of banks "too big to fail";

- bailout and sellout of the auto industry to the United Auto Workers;

- a $787 billion "stimulus" that has largely failed to produce non-government jobs;

- appointment of 30-some "czars," some with questionable backgrounds and without congressional vetting, to run oversight functions resulting from further expansion of government's umbrella;

- favoring the decision to try 9-11 terrorist detainees in civilian courts in U.S. sovereign territory, imposing huge security costs as well as providing a platform for their anti-American rhetoric;

- bowing in subservience to foreign leaders;

- apologizing to foreign leaders for America's role as "perpetrator" of much of the world's strife;

- stating that America is no longer "a Christian nation";

- forcing Obamacare down the throats of a dissenting majority of the electorate, using bribery and funny math, to be paid for through tax increases and massive Medicare cuts;

- straining our long strategic relationship with Israel in favor of closer ties with Muslim countries;

- pledging not to retaliate with nukes in the event of a chemical or biological attack on the United States by a foreign entity, so long as that entity is a signatory of the non-proliferation treaty;

- projecting a deficit of $1.5 trillion for 2010.

We ain't seen nothin' yet! Coming down the pike are bills to levy $800 billion in new taxes on carbon footprints (cap and trade); a value-added tax; and tax hikes for upper- and middle-class incomes and businesses. All this and massive deficits, too. ...

Let's start righting the ship this November and finish the job in 2012!

Terrence Bedell




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