Don't warp theology to make a point



I understand the sentiment of the letter "Stand firm against vile anti-gay letter" (April 15) -- love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and thy whole soul, and thy neighbor as thyself. The latter is the message the writer was trying to convey.

And as a Christian I agree -- love the homosexual as being those among the human gifts of God's creation, but love them for themselves as our neighbors, not for what they may label themselves.

In arriving at that sentiment, the writer distorts some of Christianity's tenets. To be a homosexual is not a sin, but to practice that gift as a gay may or may not be sinful. As to that, I -- contrary to the writer -- am not the one to say or to judge.

Likewise, same-sex marriages are not a matter of holy bond before the eyes of God because most Christian religions recognize marriage to be a sacrament bestowed upon consummation, under pledge, of a conjugal relationship between a man and a woman, which sacrament brings with it the holy gift of God's grace. Same-sex marriages are legal arrangements recognized by some state governments, none of which have the power to dispense any blessings of holiness.

I can understand the writer's concern about the letter of his complaint (which I did not read). I join with him in spreading Jesus' message of love to our brothers and sisters. But let us not abuse that message; Christianity is neither an abstract theology nor a foil to be misconstrued for the purpose of justifying personal preferences.



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