Reading's importance rightly stressed



I am writing regarding a Chronicle story written in March by Stephanie Toone titled, "Elementary center spreads literacy" (March 26). I am a sophomore at Georgia College and State University but my family resides in Augusta.

For one of my classes I had a group project on the knowledge gap theory, and one of the factors we studied was the effect that reading has on children. I wanted to write this to let you know that, after researching the importance of reading to children, I really appreciate this article written on elementary literacy.

I think it is great to give this kind of exposure to an issue that I personally feel does not get the attention or encouragement it deserves. More presentation of this topic -- and maybe even more statistics to bring more awareness to the weight of childhood literacy -- would be fantastic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for the interest in covering topics that are bettering our community.

Jessica Magnuson


Elementary center spreads literacy


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