Barrow could feel the voters' wrath



It seems that U.S. Rep. John Barrow "dissed" many of his constituents by casting a negative vote for the health-care bill.

Georgia's 12th District is composed of many low-income working people who don't have adequate health insurance because of high copays and inability to afford it. As a result, many are saddled with high medical bills and have sought bankruptcy.

Last February, Barrow told some of the voters he would vote for the bill. But when many of his past big contributors said they weren't going to support him in his upcoming primary and election, Barrow begin to change his mind, day by day.

Although he had $678,000 in financial contributions as of Dec. 31, 2009 according to the Savannah Morning News, I am sure he knew he had a primary and election coming forth and needed twice as much. That is when decided to forget the poor people and go with the money folks.

I called his local office a week before the bill became law, and was told by an aide that he was still reading the bill. I called again three days later and was told the same thing. I realized then he wasn't going to vote for the bill.

The 12th District is composed of 44 percent black voters who supported Barrow in his last election with 95 percent of their votes. Many of these voters supported the health-care bill.

Those of us who want Barrow ousted are carefully deciding whether to support Regina Thomas -- who had only $4,500 at the end of 2009 -- or we may want to wait until next term, because of a shortage of time to search for a well-known person who will be capable of raising big money.

But there is a possibility that if Barrow loses the primary, the Republicans would put a mega-jackpot behind a candidate and could take the seat.

Whatever we do, we need to monitor Barrow closely and stay in communication with him. He needs to be aware that he has lost a lot of supporters. Although he is running from his constituents, he can't hide.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.




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