Repeal new health-care plan? Yes!



Could we please forget the petty party one-upmanship for once? I'm sick and tired of the naïve and downright stupid people who support a health-care plan that has nothing to do with improving health care.

Anyone with a thimbleful of brains has to know that you cannot add 30 million mostly higher-risk patients to the insurance rolls without sending the cost of insurance off the charts. You also have to know that you cannot maintain the quality of care when millions of patients are added without increasing the number of doctors, nurses and hospitals in equal proportion.

Letter writer Frank Gorman ("Repeal new health-care plan? Really?" April 8) cherry-picked the things we would all like to see in our insurance and condemned anyone who would dare try to explain why they cannot be covered. He doesn't feel it is fair. He should understand that it is fair to the majority in the majority of situations.

In his blind sense of compassion, Mr. Gorman feels that insurance companies must cover people for every condition from cradle to grave, and also reduce the costs. Such idealists are destroying our health-care system that is the envy of the world.

Yes, I would like to repeal the new health plan -- and, yes, I know it may not happen because we need 67 votes in the Senate to override a presidential veto. But I also know there are too many stupid people who continue to vote for senators and representatives who get re-elected by catering to "gimme" constituents who want everything for nothing. Mr. Gorman can gloat if he must, but the time is coming when his "gimme" generation is in for a shock.

So my hope is that, if the courts don't kill the health-care law because it is unconstitutional, the newly elected members of Congress will exercise good sense and refuse to fund its implementation. The American people will benefit most from repeal of another Obama-Pelosi-Reid government takeover disguised as a health-care plan.

Do you really think most Americans want 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce their health insurance? Or having a bureaucrat making decisions that a patient and doctor should be making? Do you want to pay three times what you do now? Are you ready to be fined and put in jail if you don't buy the health insurance the government tells you that you must buy? Are you ready to go to jail if you don't have the money to buy insurance?

May God help and protect us from the unanticipated consequences of well-intended people with good feelings but obviously limited common sense.

Richard Banks




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