Homosexuality is destructive behavior



Homosexuals are planning a march in Augusta in June. Many likely will be carrying signs calling for equal rights and same-sex marriage.

But they already have equal rights. They can marry someone of the opposite sex just like the rest of us.

What they are after are special rights, but rights should not be granted based on behavior -- only taken away based on negative behavior (i.e., incarcerating a thief, rapist or murderer).

Consider the advantages that the traditional marriage of one man and one woman offer the government and society:

- Traditional marriage domesticates men, protects women and provides a nurturing environment for children.

- Traditional marriage helps reduce illegitimacy, crime, poverty and welfare.

- It provides for procreation; married women are far less likely to kill their babies through abortion.

- Children from traditional-marriage homes are seven times less likely to live in poverty; six times less likely to commit crime; less than half as likely to become pregnant out of wedlock; are healthier physically and emotionally when they reach adulthood; and they do better academically and socially.

- Traditional marriage improves the life span of the man and the woman.

The government saves money, and society benefits from traditional marriage. Homosexual unions, however, provide none of these benefits.

If the government endorses homosexual marriage, it will hurt traditional marriage, children, the average citizen and homosexuals themselves, who studies show have shorter life spans.

It would teach that marriage is about coupling, not children.

Public schoolchildren would be indoctrinated that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable.

There would be a loss of free speech rights, as in Canada, where it is a hate crime to speak against homosexual behavior.

And homosexuals may be given preferential adoption, since they can't have children.

If the government were to adopt homosexual marriage, why not marriage between a father and a son; a mother and daughter; or a man and his dog?

Restraint of destructive behavior is civilization. All laws discriminate among behaviors, legislating morality and what is considered good for society -- including taxes. Gays should go back into the closet, or abandon their destructive behavior.



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