New health-care agenda is outrageous



So, the federal government now wants more control over our pocketbooks and even our health? They are forcing all Americans to adopt their socialist style of health care with a promise to manage these costs.

Really? That is like asking an alcoholic to manage a liquor store. New York Times columnist Douglas H. Eakin estimates this legislation will not only not deliver the promised $138 billion in deficit reductions, but instead will cost an estimated $562 billion more.

Our government already "manages" our retirement funds (Social Security), retirement health care (Medicare), our indigent health care (Medicaid) and our state and federal unemployment funds -- and all of these funds are financially a wreck.

Social Security already is paying out more money than it has taken in, Medicare and Medicaid are predicted to be completely bankrupt by 2014, and the state and federal unemployment coffers are all in deficit positions.

Would you ask them to manage your piggy bank?

It is still hard for me to believe that our country has endorsed socialism to this degree. Very sad. Where is our nationwide, patriotic revolt?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said our health-care system would now be on equal footing with Europe. Seriously? Europeans who can afford it come to the U.S. for health care.

If you have said nothing and done nothing so far to protest this law, it is never too late. Laws can change and they can change quickly if enough people speak in a united voice.

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