Health reform is Christian thing to do

Many Christians and other God-fearing people are in favor of health care



The April 1 editorial page consisted of three letters bemoaning the passage of the health-care bill. "The United States ceased to exist," lamented one writer, while another "witnessed the day America died." Passage of health care obviously has caused a traumatic loss for these individuals.

However great the loss this action has inflicted, it does not confer to these dissidents the right to claim moral or godly superiority. Many Christians and other God-fearing people are in favor of health care. Millions of the poor, including the working poor, cannot afford the exorbitant premiums charged by the insurance companies. They go without medical care and needed medication.

America is known as the most generous country in the world. We send millions of dollars to countries that hate us, and only practice austerity when it comes to meeting the needs of fellow Americans.

A principal reason that the three-year ministry of Jesus drew attention that has lasted more than 2,000 years was that He and his disciples healed the sick. Jesus did not ask for money or an insurance card before he healed.

Neither side of this issue has the right to question spiritual adherence or infer the lack of moral standards in the opposition.


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Get together on this

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What will statues fix?

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Dems a party to it all