Health-care circus hoodwinked America



For months I have been reading, listening and thinking about Obamacare. I have tried to be objective concerning the pros and cons of our new health-care law.

The entire subject is smoke and mirrors. To the politicians it's a power struggle; to the media it's a ratings struggle, motivated by profit. We can no longer count on broadcast or cable news to give us unbiased news. On both the left and right, they hammer us with their opinions day and night. Puffery, according to the pizza commercial, is an exaggeration based on opinion. The entire news broadcasting industry is currently engaged in puffery.

The real problems in America are unemployment, families losing their homes and the economy. Add up all the unemployed and their families; people who have lost their homes and their families; and all the people who have lost their life savings and their families. You will certainly have a much larger number than the 30 million who got added to government health care.

Did health care help the unemployed or the foreclosed-on-families or the people who lost all their money? Did you see them dancing in the streets and rejoicing about the health care they are going to get four years from now?

The unemployed alone, not including their families, outnumber the uninsured. We can only guess how many million homeless people there are.

Ask yourself: Would I rather have my job or health care in four years? Would I rather have my house or health care in four years? Would I rather have my life savings back or health care?

And don't hand me that crock about poor people, children and the elderly not being able to get health care. Hospitals in the CSRA spend millions of dollars a year on indigent care. No one is left to die or suffer. How many children are turned away from MCG's Childrens Medical Center because they had no money? None! Poor children have a harder time getting something to eat. Hundreds of local children go to bed hungry every day.

How many elderly people were denied basic health care by Medicaid? More people die waiting on an organ donation than from lack of health care.

It is not hard to fool the public. Congress and the media have tossed us a red herring that has totally flim-flammed Americans. Bernie Madoff could take lessons from these people.

Our troubles have just begun. Your government is going to need more money soon. Guess where they are going to get it.



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