Right-wingers hide behind patriotism


Patriotism does not equal cowardice, yet it is certainly true that patriotism is the last refuge of the coward.

Was it not cowardly to attack that IRS building in the manner of pilot Joseph Stack III -- yet where was condemnation from conservative leaders? There was none, and there will be none. Conservative leaders cannot decry their own invention, the patriot coward, lest they dissuade another from a similar act. They seek intimidation of the general population, however it may be manifested. Those pathetic, sad, angry folks on the self-ordained conservative side of American politics are desperate for validation.

"Take our country back!" they scream. They spew more hatred in every direction. Like chained dogs, they growl and bark, yet their illusory world is vanishing. Yes, conservative leaders, it's a good plan. Keep your dogs barking; you can certainly scare up some campaign donations. Fortunately, for the rest of us, the base is shrinking.



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